TAEPTM comprises three sections (listening, grammar, and reading) which take total of 110 minutes to complete. Originally, TAEPTM is paper-based and used to assess and to evaluate English proficiency of non-native speakers of English for academic, business, or other personal purposes. All questions are multiple choices, and test takers are supposed to answer questions by filling in a computerized-scoring answer sheet.

Along with the latest developments in the world of English language testing, TAEPTM has been successfully developed 2 (two) test formats, namely offline and online test formats. Thus, test users can easily choose the format that best suits their needs to portray their English skills. In terms of test contents and coverages, there are no significant difference between those two test formats. Both formats have three sections, namely Listening, Grammar, and Reading sections. By taking into account the practicality of administering the test, the three samples of linguistic aspects are considered sufficient to provide an accurate and reliable description of the test takers' English skills.

All item items in TAEPTM are not the result of a compilation of questions from various sources, but all items for TAEPTM questions are formulated by a competent team of experts based on certain linguistic aspects.

Details regarding the contents of TAEPTM are described in the tables below.



If you are...

  1. Freshmen and sophomore of UMM (USER A)

    First year students are obliged to take the TAEPTM during their first term of their study to know their proficiency in English. The test result will be used for student clustering in some departments. The second year who already passed the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program will be given the TAEPTM by the end of the third or fourth semester to see their progress of learning.

  2. Students expecting to graduate (USER B)

    Graduates of UMM must take the TAEPTM before the commencement day. Certificate will be issued for the graduates in the Language Centre office seven days after the test date.

  3. Lecturers, students, and job seekers/public (USER C)

    TAEPTM is also available for individual, job-seekers, or institution who wishes to take the test independently. The results of the TAEPTM can also be used by lecturers (from public and private universities) as one of the requirements for lecturer certification (SERDOS).



By paying the TAEPTM fee, you will get things like:

  1. TAEPTM Certificate

    Upon completing the test, you will be rewarded by the certificate portraying the result of your English competencies. The Language Centre as the organizer of TAEPTM issues two kinds of certificates; physical certificate and digital certificate.

    1. The physical certificate is only given to the test takers who take offline TAEPTM. The physical certificate contains the test taker's personal data, TAEPTM score, description of the score results, equivalence table with other types of English proficiency tests, the validity period of the certificate, and the signature of the Director of the UMM Language Institute as well as a stamp for the legality of the certificate. The certificate is also equipped with a QR CODE for authentication and security.
    2. The digital certificate is only given to the test takers who take online TAEPTM. To ensure security and prevent falsification of test results and facilitate authentication, a digital TAEPTM certificate is provided. Digital certificates can be downloaded directly by each user/post-test participant.

  2. Rapid Reporting System

    The online TAEPTM application has also integrated a rapid and complete test result reporting system/program (Rapid Reporting System). With this program, the implementation of the English proficiency test and its reporting can be carried out seamlessly or without interruption.

    Reporting the results of TAEPTM with this Rapid Reporting System allows Language Center Testing Services (LCTS) to report test results quickly (less than 1 hour duration after all participant data is collected and validated).

  3. The Best Service

    The rapid reporting system can also be used to monitor real-time online TAEPTM implementation and quickly validate test results from participants. This system makes the test provider to issue the best service for users, including in terms of solving online test problems or remote troubleshooting.


Table of TAEPTM Score Approximate Equivalent to Other Global English Evaluation Scales